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About Studio Seed

One seed has enough creative potential to nourish the entire world.

Your creativity is just like a seed, it can remain underground for lifetimes and then sprout up eagerly when it is given the right conditions to grow. StudioSeed offers you the skills and support needed to re-connect to your innate creativity and nurture who you really are.

We do this through:


Breathwork (prana), 

Somatic psychotherapy

and Kundalini yoga.

Because tending to the soul and psyche is just like tending to a garden :

You nourish what you want to grow. 

At StudioSeed we cultivate the 4-C's:


This IS what makes you ALIVE, inspired and gives you energy.  Creativity means being flexible and playful with whatever life throws at you. It is an essential life skill and an attitude. It tends to be joyful and/or messy, and always more fun. 

2. CURIOSITY (the subterranean kind):

We dig our way down into the depths and ask deep questions that lead us astray. We wonder together in the dark, spend time not knowing on purpose, and land upon some wisdom now and again. 


For anything to grow it needs a supportive environment for it to blossom, in other words, it’s sometimes easier (and much more fun) to do something when someone is holding your hand. AND creativity loves community, the more is always merrier. 

4. CONSISTENCY (this is the hard part):

To learn any new skill or change an existing habit, you need practice. Lots of it. You need to keep coming back for more. Creativity is very disciplined and a tough teacher. That’s why we practice together. 

StudioSeed was founded 10 years by art therapist, somatic psychotherapist, Kundalini yoga teacher, and artist, Esther Kalaba in order to be able to share what she loves doing best:

Working out and flexing those beautiful creativity muscles!

Now ask yourself: 

What do you want to grow?

And then, come and join us :)

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